Saturday, 31 March 2012

i met you at the bus stop

We tell each other dream time stories into the night. You are my moon, my sun and everything in between.

Brisbane, Australia. Photographer - Sarina Konemann

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a good friend's beautiful boy

Saturday, 25 February 2012

State Of Euphoria 2012

In our own paradise, our own perfect world
Clothing - We Are Handsome Swimwear
Model - Meagan Frankham

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The dreams you say you have give me the chills....

Beneath the forest floor lay the tiny creatures clawing their way through humid nests. Trees stretch on for miles around here. She soaked her body in the cool water & thought of how baby was feeling inside her womb. There is an eerie stillness in the air, the smell of moss & dirt & mountain water. Only the animals can hear the girls make their way through the ghost land, watching from peep holes through the rotting logs & wild flowers. 

My beautiful friend is 6 months pregnant and i can't wait to meet the wonder baby when he or she arrives :) It is a beautiful thing when something so small is growing inside.

Models - Dayna Keil & Sarina Konemann

ti si moja ljubav

malo lisica
rijeka kraljica - river queen

Clothing - Mossman & Sportsgirl

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

the dreams you say you have give me the chills

A sneak preview of the beautiful but haunting entities that will come in 2012. Next year will be about exploring the beauty of birth, growing, living & loving. I will also be updating on my travels overseas whenever i get the chance. The first signs of summer are here and it's time to have fun and learn.
i'll tuck you in at night

flower of the lake

Beauty is all around us. We strive to feel it, touch it, breathe it. Just to be around beauty is enlightening. Every eye holds a different type of beauty.

flower of the lake you are in too deep. 

water flies .